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String values are used for things like names, colours, mob types, etc.


In most cases a string value is used to refer to an internal Minecraft type (dye colour, enchantment type, etc.) and must match that name. It's also possible to use the word random to select one type randomly


There are five horse styles (including no style) so the horse has a 20% chance of getting each style when it spawns. If you want more fine control you need to use conditions and multiple alternatives of the horse.

Random doesn't work in the name or hidden-name element; you'll just end up with a mob called 'random'.

Horse colours

  • black
  • brown
  • chestnut
  • creamy
  • dark_brown
  • gray
  • white

Horse styles

  • black_dots
  • none
  • white
  • white_dots
  • whitefield

Horse variants

  • donkey
  • horse
  • mule
  • skeleton_horse
  • undead_horse

Ocelot types

  • black_cat
  • red_cat
  • siamese_cat
  • wild_ocelot

Rabbit types

  • black
  • black_and_white
  • brown
  • gold
  • salt_and_pepper
  • the_killer_bunny
  • white

Skeleton types

  • normal
  • wither

Villager types

  • blacksmith
  • butcher
  • farmer
  • librarian
  • priest

Wool/collar colours

  • black
  • blue
  • brown
  • cyan
  • gray
  • green
  • light_blue
  • lime
  • magenta
  • orange
  • pink
  • purple
  • red
  • silver
  • white
  • yellow


The list of possible materials is very long so instead of adding it here I'll simply link to the internal documentation which can be found here.


name effect
arrow_damage Provides extra damage when shooting arrows from bows
arrow_fire Sets entities on fire when hit by arrows shot from a bow
arrow_infinite Provides infinite arrows when shooting a bow
arrow_knockback Provides a knockback when an entity is hit by an arrow from a bow
damage_all Increases damage against all targets
damage_arthropods Increases damage against arthropod targets
damage_undead Increases damage against undead targets
dig_speed Increases the rate at which you mine/dig
durability Decreases the rate at which a tool looses durability
fire_aspect When attacking a target, has a chance to set them on fire
knockback All damage to other targets will knock them back when hit
loot_bonus_blocks Provides a chance of gaining extra loot when destroying blocks
loot_bonus_mobs Provides a chance of gaining extra loot when killing monsters
luck Decreases odds of catching worthless junk
lure Increases rate of fish biting your hook
oxygen Decreases the rate of air loss whilst underwater
protection_environmental Provides protection against environmental damage
protection_explosions Provides protection against explosive damage
protection_fall Provides protection against fall damage
protection_fire Provides protection against fire damage
protection_projectile Provides protection against projectile damage
silk_touch Allows blocks to drop themselves instead of fragments (for example, stone instead of cobblestone)
thorns Damages the attacker
water_worker Increases the speed at which a player may mine underwater


name effect
absorption Increases the maximum health of an entity with health that cannot be regenerated, but is refilled every 30 seconds
blindness Blinds an entity
confusion Warps vision on the client
damage_resistance Decreases damage dealt to an entity
fast_digging Decreases dig speed
fire_resistance Stops fire damage
harm Hurts an entity
heal Heals an entity
health_boost Increases the maximum health of an entity
hunger Increases hunger
increase_damage Increases damage dealt
invisibility Grants invisibility
jump Increases jump height
night_vision Allows an entity to see in the dark
poison Deals damage to an entity over time
regeneration Regenerates health
saturation Increases the food level of an entity each tick
slow Decreases movement speed
slow_digging Decreases dig speed
speed Increases movement speed
water_breathing Allows breathing underwater
weakness Decreases damage dealt by an entity
wither Deals damage to an entity over time and gives the health to the shooter

—- Used by

  • name
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