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All mobs are defined in the file called mobs.xml and referenced from the packs you create in each world file. What this means is that you can define mobs which are currently unused in the main config (spare mobs, mobs-in-progress, etc.) and (de)activate them at will with a small change in the world file.

Mobs must have a unique id so they can be referenced. You won't get an error if you have more than one mob with the same id but only the last one defined will be used.


Values (all are empty by default)

all mobs
id XML name a unique id used to reference the mob
empty-chance single decimal a chance for the mob not to spawn
select-if condition group conditions under which the mob will be selected to spawn
despawn boolean whether the mob will disappear from the world when there are no players nearby. In vanilla Minecraft, only hostile mobs despawn
name string a visible caption that will appear over a mob's head when you are close enough
hidden-name string another way of naming the mob, this time it won't show up above the head n death messages. It's also possible for other plugins to use this name to recognize the mob
hp range the health of the mob
tags strings a set of tags which can be queried in other events to cause actions to happen
potions potions a set of potion effects the mob can spawn with to make it weaker or stronger
weapon equipment
helmet equipment
chestplate equipment
leggings equipment
boots equipment
riding riding
ageable mobs
age range sets the age of a mob but allows it to get older in the future
locked-age range sets the age of a mob but keeps it at that age throughout its life
baby boolean sets a mob to spawn in its baby form or not. By default, all mobs spawned by the plugin are adults
angry mobs
angry boolean sets the mob as instantly angry
powered boolean spawns the creeper in its powered (electrified) form
player-created boolean marks the golem as created by a player
carrying-chest boolean adds a chest to the horse
domestication range sets the domestication level
max-domestication range sets the maximum domestication level
jump-strength range sets how powerfully the horse can jump
horse-armor equipment spawns the horse with body armour
style string sets the style of the horse
variant string sets the type of the horse
color string sets the horse's colour
ocelot-type string sets the type of the ocelot
saddled boolean spawns the pig wearing a saddle
pig zombies
anger-level range sets how angry the pig zombie starts off
rabbit-type string sets the kind of rabbit
sheared boolean sets whether the sheep has wool or not
color string sets the sheep's wool colour
sitting boolean sets whether the mob spawns sitting
skeleton-type string sets the type of the skeleton
size range sets how big the slime is when it spawns
tameable mobs
tamed boolean sets whether the mob spawns friendly
villager-type string sets the type of the villager
color string sets the wolf's collar colour
villager boolean spawns a zombie villager
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