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Here you can find all the conditions you can use in your config. Please note that you should always keep performance in mind and place conditions as early as you can. For example, if you want a pack of mobs to spawn only at night, place a world-time condition on the pack itself rather than on each mob in the pack. This way the condition will only need to be checked once per pack.

The start-if conditions are slightly different as it's not possible to use any block-related conditions at that point in the cycle. This is because no potential blocks have been chosen yet so you can only use world-related conditions

World conditions

name type notes
date range the date of the month (1-31)
map-type string
month range the month's number (1-12)
moon-phase range 1-8
percent single decimal will pass if equal or more than a randomly chosen number (1-100)
raining boolean
stormy boolean
world-name string
world-time range 0-24000
world-type string
world-has-spawned mob count total mobs in the world

Block conditions

name type notes
biome string
block string selected block type
block-is-solid boolean
block-light range 1-15
blocks-from-player range
blocks-from-spawn range
ground string block under the selected block
ground-is-solid boolean
inside boolean
light range 1-15
outside boolean
sky-light range 1-15
x range
x-blocks-from-player range
y range
y-blocks-from-player range
z range
z-blocks-from-player range

Mob conditions

name type notes
mob-type string

Player conditions

name type notes
exp-level range
food-level range
player-id string
player-name string
player-permission string

Special conditions

The end-if, select-if and next-if conditions can use the following conditions that refer to the current timer/hub/pack.

name type
hub-has-spawned mob count
pack-has-spawned mob count
timer-has-spawned mob count

These conditions can be used to branch or end the cycle. For example, you might decide that this timer has spawned enough mobs so it will exit early to give players a break.

Note that you can use three conditions at any level within the cycle (i.e. you don't need to use the hub-has-spawned condition only within the hub element).

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