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 +The config is a small XML file. An example one will be copied automatically if the plugin detects it's missing
 +<code xml>
 +    <​check-for-updates>​yes</​check-for-updates>​
 +    <​example-world>​
 +        <​clear-mobs-on-start>​no</​clear-mobs-on-start>​
 +        <​save-only-mobs-in-world>​yes</​save-only-mobs-in-world>​
 +    </​example-world>​
 +''​check-for-updates''​ sets whether the plugin should contact the BukkitDev servers to see if there is a newer version available. Nothing will be downloaded either way but you will be informed. Defaults to ''​yes''​.
 +Next is where you define the worlds you want the plugin to be active in. If a world isn't listed here it will be ignored, but any save file will be kept so you can still view them.
 +The element needs the name of the relevant world, and it has two children. ''​clear-mobs-on-start''​ tells the plugin not to load the previous save file but to start with an empty collection of mobs. Defaults to ''​no''​. Note that the old save file will still be available until the plugin exits, whereupon it will be overwritten.
 +When a mob dies it is automatically removed from the collection, but there are other ways for mobs to disappear. They can despawn because they'​ve moved away from players, or other plugins can remove them without going through Bukkit, for example. In these cases the mob will leave an orphaned entry in the collection. ''​save-only-mobs-in-world''​ tells the plugin to ignore any such mobs and only save the ones that are still current in the world. Defaults to ''​yes''​.
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