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Maintaining these plugins takes a lot of work, so if your server is enriched by them please consider sending some love my way!

If you're penniless I'm also partial to TF2 items. Send any you don't want my way! STEAM id: coldandtired

If you don't know what TF2 is, then start playing! It's free and fun!


The config is a small XML file. An example one will be copied automatically if the plugin detects it's missing


check-for-updates sets whether the plugin should contact the BukkitDev servers to see if there is a newer version available. Nothing will be downloaded either way but you will be informed. Defaults to yes.

Next is where you define the worlds you want the plugin to be active in. If a world isn't listed here it will be ignored, but any save file will be kept so you can still view them.

The element needs the name of the relevant world, and it has two children. clear-mobs-on-start tells the plugin not to load the previous save file but to start with an empty collection of mobs. Defaults to no. Note that the old save file will still be available until the plugin exits, whereupon it will be overwritten.

When a mob dies it is automatically removed from the collection, but there are other ways for mobs to disappear. They can despawn because they've moved away from players, or other plugins can remove them without going through Bukkit, for example. In these cases the mob will leave an orphaned entry in the collection. save-only-mobs-in-world tells the plugin to ignore any such mobs and only save the ones that are still current in the world. Defaults to yes.

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