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Events only listens for the events you are interested in and the way you tell the plugin you're interested is by creating the relevant xml file in the plugin folder.

This page explains how the system works. To see a list of all the supported events go here

The name of the file must match the name of the event and be in lowercase. For example, mob-spawns.xml, block-spreads.xml, etc.

Inside the file you need to set a root element. This element can be called anything that is valid but I recommend calling it the same way as the file so you can always see instantly which event you're dealing with (and so can I if you need help!)


Feel free to give it a more descriptive name if it helps you


Within this element you define the actions you want to be performed. But what if you want to stop listening for an event? You have four options

  • delete the file completely
  • rename the file to a name which doesn't have an event (disabled-mob-spawns.xml, for example)
  • move the file somewhere else (either outside the plugin folder or create a new folder inside for disabled events)
  • add an attribute called ignore to the root element
<mob-spawns ignore="yes">

If you choose this last option then you can re-enable the event by removing the attribute or changing it to no.

Lastly, some events are not tied to any specific world (like the config-loads event). This is fine for logging but means that mobs, locations, etc. are unavailable. To get around this you can include a world attribute with the name of the world you are interested in

<config-loads world="world">
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