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Maintaining these plugins takes a lot of work, so if your server is enriched by them please consider sending some love my way!

If you're penniless I'm also partial to TF2 items. Send any you don't want my way! STEAM id: coldandtired

If you don't know what TF2 is, then start playing! It's free and fun!


The config file contains three optional settings

  • check-for-newer-version
  • player-near-mob-xz
  • player-near-mob-y

The first one decides whether the plugin should contact the BukkitDev servers to find out if a newer version of the plugin is available. Note that it doesn't download any update, but only informs you about it.

The other two deal with the number of blocks involved in the player-aproaches-mob, player-leaves-mob, and player-near-mob events, and specifies how close to a mob the player must be to trigger those events.

The default config file looks like this

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