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Numbers are used extensively in Events, for example in setting mob HP, checking time conditions, enchantment levels, etc.

Any place you specify a number value you can insert a calculation instead

    <hp>20 + 7</hp>

Now, there's obviously not much sense in doing it this way instead of simply using 27, but how about

    <hp>20 + {world.player-count}</hp>

Now the constant will be replaced with the number of players in the world and added to 20.

    <hp>20 + range(0, {world.player-count})</hp>

Now we will get a value from 20 to 20 + the number of players in the world at the time.

Supported operators

Example Result
+ 5 + 7 12
- 10 - 5 5
* 2 * 7 14
/ 9 / 3 3
% 10 % 3 1
^ 5 ^ 2 25

Supported functions

Example Result Returns
abs abs(-22) 22 the absolute number (no negatives)
ceiling ceiling(3.117) 4 the nearest whole number up
floor floor(7.22) 7 the nearest whole number down
min min(4, 2) 2 the smaller number of the two
max max(5, 10) 10 the larger number of the two
random random(10, 20) 14.543252 a random number between the two values
round round(4.2745) 4 the nearest whole number (x.5 rounds up)
sqrt sqrt(81) 9 the square root of a number
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